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5'7" S BOSS IB VOL 19 3/16 x 2 1/2 28.1L FUTURES

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Our most user-friendly, pure performance shape. Ever.

The S Boss combines Kelly Slater’s pursuit of high-performance progression with Dan Mann’s mission to make performance surfing accessible to all by design.

With a relaxed rocker, forgiving fin cluster, full outline and hidden volume throughout — the S Boss is the most versatile shape in your Slater Designs quiver.

The result? The best turn of your life. The best airs Kevin Schulz can do. The S Boss is a true universal surfboard built to unlock progression across all conditions and skill levels.

Recommended with the KS1 template, ridden as a quad. Dan Mann suggests riding this shape on the higher side of your volume range. Kevin Schulz is 168 lbs and rides either the 5’6” (27.6L) in smaller waves or the 5’7” (28.1L) in bigger waves.

Pair with Slater Designs traction and leash for the best experience.


When it hits chest high, the S Boss is an easy choice. From punchy beachies to reeling point breaks, Kelly, Dan and Kevin have all had memorable sessions. Recommended in 2-6' surf, in average to good conditions.

"I’ve ridden it at Lowers, Surf Ranch, a really good day in Ventura, a point in Hawai’i, and it felt good on my backhand at Uluwatu. Most excited I’ve been riding this board was in poor quality waves in Florida beach breaks." - Kelly Slater

"The peakier the better — it’s short enough that it pivots incredibly while still holding speed, like no other board." - Dan Mann

"Best in chest to head-high beachies. Point breaks too, but it excels most at beach breaks when the waves hit that chest to head-high size." - Kevin Schulz



Tested over many years, Kelly's refined the S Boss in Hawai'i, Bali, Lowers, Surf Ranch and beyond. It's got a uniquely full outline with volume hidden throughout, a relaxed rocker, and forgiving fin cluster. A double concave runs throughout the back half of the board, funneling water off the round tail.

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