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5'11 ALOHA LOPEZ NEW FISH 20 5/8 x 2 7/16 – 33.12L FCS II

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“I love this design. The new fish helped me solve a major hangup I was having with original fish designs- the swallowtails. I only like a swallow tail if it is built as a quad for fast point-breaks or with a tiny swallow on a twin with a trailer for mushy beach-breaks . 

Neither of those are best suited for today’s surfing, or geared geared towards how I like to ride and shape surfboards. My goal when shaping is to make the experience as fun and easy as possible. Allowing you to surf better and more. This new fish with a clean curve through the tail and pulled in squash is best surfed with your normal thruster setup. If you want to ride fast and free in small surf, go a size smaller with the fins. Want to challenge yourself to take off steep and deep in super sucked out hollow tubes, go a size larger and hold on. This board flies. For top speed and quickness. There’s nothing faster on the water than the New Fish.”

Shea Lopez

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